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Each book:

• Contains seven two-page scenes from every day life

• Challenges the reader to find Billy and his dog Baxter in every scene

• Teaches 70 vocabulary words

• Is packed with color and detail on every page

• Ages 2 – 6 years

• Each title contains a glossary of key words

Billy & Baxter


Trim size:
11 3/4 x 8 3/4"
(21 x 15.9 cm)

24 pages
Hard cover
Self endsheets

50 books per carton

All Around Town
ISBN 1-58087-098-8
Stampley code B111
List $8.95

Learn to Build
ISBN 1-58087-099-6
Stampley code B112
List $8.95

At the Airport
ISBN 1-58087-100-3
Stampley code B113
List $8.95

On City Streets
ISBN 1-58087-101-1
Stampley code B114
List $8.95


Billy and his dog Baxter love exploring the sights and scenes around their home – and young children will love joining them!

Billy & Baxter make their debut in four separate adventure word books:
All Around Town, Learn to Build, At the Airport and On City Streets.

Each title features seven scenes from daily life. Oversized two-page spreads are packed with color, motion and detail. Children ages 2-6 will turn to these pages time and again, to visit Billy & Baxter and to join them in exploring the sights and scenes around their home.Billy & Baxter

These colorful books sharpen observation skills by challenging budding readers to search for Billy & Baxter on every page. They build vocabulary, with 70 items named and pictured in each book. And children learn that the world around them is an exciting place —especially when Billy and Baxter come along!

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