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C.D. Stampley
Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 33172
Charlotte, NC

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About C.D. Stampley Enterprises, Inc.

C.D. Stampley Enterprises, Inc. was organized in 1940 as a house-to-house distributor of family Bibles. The Company first began publishing its own Bibles in 1961. Over the years our line of deluxe family Bibles expanded to include both Protestant and Catholic editions, and to include editions in Spanish, Portuguese and French, as well as English.

As our business evolved from a widespread door-to-door retail organization into a wholesale publisher, so did our product line. Today, in addition to family Bibles, Stampley offers study Bibles of different sizes, other religious and inspirational titles, adult reference titles, and children's reference titles. Our titles are distributed through direct sellers, retailers, as premiums, through libraries, and many other channels. We also have very broad geographic coverage, with Stampley books and Bibles sold in over 70 countries.

A strong dedication to customer service and satisfaction has guided the Company since its inception. We have experience in handling all types of shipments, from domestic carton orders to international container and LTL shipments. Our packaging is always designed to withstand the rigors of foreign shipments and to arrive in excellent condition.

The policy of Stampley Enterprises to maintain inventory of our titles. This allows customers to order what they need, with the assurance that a continued supply will be available. We also have a great deal of experience in providing custom designed Bibles and other titles for special order needs. We have a wealth of material on hand which allows us, for example, to produce a special family Bible faster, with more features, and more economically than anyone else in the market today.


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